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At Atma, our product development services revolve around designing products that utilize Injection Molded Plastic Parts. We specialize in assisting you with the design of plastic products, starting from the conceptual stage. Our expertise lies in the realm of mechanical plastic design, encompassing a broad range of industrial and domestic plastic products. We are dedicated to planning and developing high-quality plastic items that meet your specific needs.

Plastic Moulding & Components

We perform professional plastic moulds

Blue Plastic Granules
Types Of Components Made
  • Automotive parts

  • Domestic consumer products

  • Electrical components

  • Medical or Pharma industry components

  • Engineering component

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What We Have
  • 52 types of raw materials used

  • Up to 10 Ton molds used

  • 150 types of items developed and made

  • Feeding to Consumer Electrical industry and Automotive Industry

  • Upto 850-ton capacity machines available

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