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What We Make
  • Fully Automatic lines (Linear & Rotary Index)

  • Lean assembly cells & Semi-automatic lines.

  • Test rigs (Performance Test, Functional Test, Leak Test, etc)

  • Vision-based system

  • Robotic Welding cell

  • Robotic Assembly Lines

  • Painting Machine

  • Washing

  • Nylon Coating

  • Spot Welding

Types Of SPM Made
  • Bin Washing Machine

  • Universal Joint Assembly

  • Door Hinge SPM

  • Meter Testing Machine

  • Ball Joint Torque Testing Machine

  • Hot Insert Robotic Machine

  • Pressure Burst & Marking Machine

  • Oval Tube and Calibration Machine

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Our SPM Partners

AtMa Autotech is now a trusted business partner in the SPM - Special Purpose Machine industry. We feel enlightened to have been a part of a long supportive journey and many successful projects, partnering with clients to develop and deliver innovative, highly specialized machines that meet the EXACT  requirements of the customers.

We take pride in offering Solutions on the way to customer satisfaction honed for more than two decades in the industry. Our experienced teams from Design, Engineering, and Software are dedicated to delivering current technology applications with standards of reliable automation and supported with unparalleled services, built on trust and success.

Automation Machines

Special Purpose Machines

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